With all of the new articles and scientific evidence being released promoting marijuana as a some sort of “miracle drug”, it has to make you wonder how we ever became a nation of fearful individuals about a plant we knew so little about.

Did you know that marijuana was a foreign term in the US until the 1900s? The demonization of the cannabis plant, which was already in use in the United States for medicines and tinctures, did not begin to carry the name marijuana, until the media began using it in conjunction with the “immigration problem” at the time from Mexico, bringing in their “drugs” including, but not limited to, “Marihuana”.

The government took to criminalizing this which such an intensity as to help control the flow of immigration by creating more stringent drug laws. This led to the early persecution of many immigrants with the passing of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which was later found to be unconstitutional, as it violated the Fifth Amendment and replaced by the Controlled Substances Act in 1970’s.

Such acts were equally supported by huge conglomerates such as oil, paper, and tobacco; due to the seemingly limitless cultivation aspects that Hemp and Cannabis could provide, inevitably causing a huge disruption in their business sales.

It it with great pride and knowledge that we endorse the use of Low-THC and Medical Cannabis in our practice, for those patients who are deemed eligible. The science and history behind Medical Marijuana or Marihuana, as our Mexican neighbors call it, is irrefutable. The Mayans may have been incorrect about the events of 2012, but they certainly had the right idea about Cannabis.

Please continue to join us and follow our blog here at Cannabis Clinicians, as we continue to chronicle and follow the ever changing climates of Medical Marijuana/Cannabis locally in Florida and around the world.