After the passing of Amendment 2 Floridians became one step closer to being able to obtain Low-THC and Medical Cannabis for their illnesses. As most of us have followed in the news, Marijuana laws are ever evolving and states with recreational marijuana laws, like Colorado, Washington, and Oregon have been cashing in big.

It is important to understand that in Florida, on a state level, Low-THC and Medical Cannabis is legal for patients who are currently being treated by a state registered physician who has taken a training course provided by the Florida Health Department, allowing them to make these recommendations. You must be under this doctors care for at least 90 days before

Becoming a Low-THC or Medical Cannabis patient involves a registration process with the state which will help cover you in any potential legal implications that could arise from having marijuana in your possession. It is your right as a Florida resident to meet with a certified physician and receive an evaluation for Low-THC or Medical Cannabis.

For those who are not patients yet, the process is extremely easy and takes little time. Getting involved with a company like Cannabis Clinicians makes the process extremely easy and quick. Skilled physicians and staff are readily available to answer questions and guide you through the process.

After your registration with the state is complete, you will be able to purchase your Low-THC or Medical Cannabis from one of the 7 licensed distributors in the state of Florida, some of which even deliver.