The passing of the Compassionate Care Act (2013) in Florida was crucial in bringing to light the devastating need adults and children with debilitating diseases had for access to Medical Marijuana. This act was pinnacle in the introduction to the high CBD, Low-THC Cannabis strain, Charlotte’s Web, which Dr. Sanjay Gupta has revered in his CNN documentary series.

Now, we have begun to get past the stigma of the Medical Marijuana patient, but what about the recreational cannabis  user? When you think of a cannabis smoker do you picture a corporate business professional or a tie-dye wearing college student stoned on a worn sofa? If you’re answer was both; you’d be very right.

This article brought to us by the New York Post does a great job of illustrating how the number of adults using marijuana increased while the perceived risk among adults significantly decreased. As a matter of opinion, one of the most intriguing points discussed how the “wine mom” standard of our modern woman has become completely accepted in society, but a mother who were to light up a joint would be a perceived threat. Given the fact that alcohol is associated with the deaths of over 100,000 individuals annually and marijuana/cannabis is associated with 0, maybe it is “high time” that we reconsider the way we perceive the recreational cannabis user.